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Solar Ductless Mini-Split Heatpumps

Heatpumps have been around for many years. Solar PV is about 10 years mature. Combine both technologies together with proven, hardened equipment with microprocessors and just ask our customers. Simply amazing savings!



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Modular, Sealed, Condensing Boilers

They are now replacing oil fired and low efficiency propane boilers left and right. Incorporated into design are mostly off the shelf big name internal gear, controls which result in complete combustion. Mid 90's AFUE efficiency


InfraRed Thermographic Service

We are certified Thermographers with thousands of images, hundreds of reports and experience from homes to factories. Building shell to high voltage switch gear and many things between.

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Commercial Electrical System Optimization

Engineered capacitors have been around for 30 years.  We have successfully implemented various technologies to clean up internal power and save measured dollars with actual results.

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